Seminar - Learning Objectives for

Audiologists, Audiometrists and Owners of Small Hearing Care Businesses


ACAud:  up to 9.25 points

Approval No. 202007

AudA:  up to 9.25 points

Approval No. CPD1920 054


(Fri:  Category 1.1 -  3.5 points

Sat: Category 1.1 -  5.75 points)

HAASA:  up to 4.75 points

Approval No. CPED 2018-2020 / 2020-006



Ms Kate Carnell, AO

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO)


Opening Address

Small Business Challenges - Keeping Ahead of Change

  • Some of the unique perspective of Ms Kate Carnell, Australia's "independent advocate for small business owners."

Kathy McEwan

​Branch Manager

Communities of Practice

National Disability Insurance Agency

Melissa Clements

Deputy Registrar

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

Sarah Hawke

Participant Outcomes Branch

Department of Social Services

Presentation 1

​Changes to Hearing Services Under NDIS after 1 July 2020.

Is your business ready?

  • What is changing for the Hearing Services Program and clients of HSP

  • Arrangements for specific cohorts such as children, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island peoples, and people with complex hearing needs

  • Eligible services under the NDIS  

  • Who can provide services under the NDIS

  • Registration process for providers who have not been previously NDIS-registered

  • Changes to certification and verification. 

Matthew Cartledge



Management Section

Hearing Services Program

Presentation 2

Will Your Business be HSP-Compliant by 1 April 2020?

  • The key legislative and contractual changes

  • Timeframes for implementation of the changes, including those that took effect on 1 October 2019 and those that will apply from 1 April 2020

  • Particular requirements that apply for device supply, claiming and private services

  • Supports available for providers

  • Requirements for record keeping

  • Privacy and confidentially requirements

  • What constitutes a notifiable data breach and the required actions

  • Requirements relating to digitisation and destruction of records

  • Considerations for the use of cloud services.

Andrew Nelson

Blue Ocean Strategy Australia

Presentation 3

​Seminar Objectives and Actions

  • What to expect from the remainder of speakers during the seminar

  • How to maximise what you take home from the seminar

  • Things to consider about your business whilst you listen to the remaining speakers.

Stephen Logan

SJL Business Consulting


Presentation 4

Strategies for Business Success

  • The Manufacturing and Retail makeup of the hearing market, including the changes that have occurred over the past 2 years

  • Market size, market growth and the current market diversity

  • The challenges:

    • faced by the hearing market and in particular small business owners

    • with HSP changes and NDIS roll out

    • the current retail disruption will continue to have on the market

  • Opportunities and challenges for small business owners in 2020.


Daniel Wright

FlowGetic - Executive and Business Coaching


Presentation 5

Creating Your Own Economy

  • How to recognise the emotional stages of business around change

  • Your ability to apply team direction to business strategy

  • Focus on business success and factors underpinning growth

  • The important factors in business to maximise:

    • Support

    • Operations

    • Cashflow

    • Business Management

    • Time Management.

Adam Phillips

General Manager Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Presentation 6

Sales is not a Dirty Word

  • How to:

    • provide options for clients for services and products

    • be comfortable discussing costs and different levels of products

    • be confident imparting information to clients to enable and empower them to make informed choices

  • Why “Sales” is not a dirty word.

Katie Bryan


Propeller Advisory - Business and Corporate Advisors

Presentation 7

Understanding the Financial Impact of Change on your Business

  • Basic Financial Documents, namely Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet and have a basic understanding on how to read them to improve your business understanding and decision making

  • The financial impact of change using the basic financial documents and the impact of a changed operating environment on your business

  • The importance of Cashflow and how changes in Cashflow affect the operation of the business

  • Best practice accounting options for better financial literacy and potential real time decision making.

Corrina Dowling

Special Counsel Barry.Nilsson. Lawyers

Presentation 8

Legal Implications of Change and Protecting your Business

  • Obligations under modern awards when implementing workplace change

  • Implementation of practical tools to manage change

  • The redundancy process.

Andrew Nelson

Blue Ocean Strategy Australia

Presentation 9

Strategic Planning ...


What's your Plan?

  • How to find, test, prioritise and commercialise new revenue, profit and growth opportunities

  • How your people and advisers can help you flourish in tackling those challenges and take advantage of those opportunities

  • How to devise a Strategic Planning Framework:

    • Customers

    • Culture

    • Cashflow

    • Capital

    • Collaborators.

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