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Enhance your business and professional skills
with Hearing Business Alliance


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CPD Points: 15.5

Workshops are also eligible for
non-endorsed CPD points

Approval No:
CPD2324 064, Category 1.1

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CEP Points: 16

Plus 3 points for the
optional workshops

Approval No:


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CPED Points: 23

Plus 2.25 points
for the optional workshops

Approval No:

CPED 2023-2025/2023-025



  • Benefit from the hands-on guidance in an exclusive and comprehensive 90 minute workshop.

  • Develop cerumen management skills using the VorOtek O-Scope.

  • Learn practical tips for client assessment and consent, and techniques, equipment, and precautions.

Workshop: VorOtek Cerumen Management - Charles Vorath and Chris Harris

  • Understand the role and contribution of small business providers within the hearing health sector.

  • Appreciate the clinical services sometimes delivered only by independent clinics within local communities.

  • Realize the advocacy Hearing Business Alliance provides towards ensuring a ‘level playing field’.

  • Learn more about how government and other stakeholders’ hearing health projects can impact small businesses and our clients.

HBA Business Update: Activities and Outcomes - Jane MacDonald and Stephen Logan

  • Explain how invoicing can demonstrate value.

  • Evaluate the patient experience in your clinic.

  • Specify why best practices are critical for defining your value to patients.

  • List three different ways you can increase the perception of value in your clinic.

Creating “Massive Value” in your Business - Dr Cliff Olson, AuD

  • Understand technical aspects, functions and applications of gold standard verification tools, and correctly interpret and analyse data.

  • Grasp the critical role of adherence to industry standards and best practices.

  • Ensure accurate and optimal hearing aid settings, and detail their reliability and effectiveness to ensure precise adjustments.

  • Assess the return on investment, with emphasis on the value of gold standards to improve clinic efficiency and patient outcomes.

Improving Patient Outcomes with Gold Standard Hearing Aid Verification - Tony McGeough

  • Prescribe different hearing solutions to meet the unique needs of different clients.

  • Plan for how AI will affect hearing healthcare services.

  • Describe to clients how hearing loss and hearing aids are related to cognitive health.

Global Audiology Update and Trends - Dr Brent Edwards, PhD

  • Understand what Hybrid Technology is and what it entails.

  • Recognise the advances made with the Alpha XT 9/7/5 technology.

  • Appreciate the research around the Alpha Platform and how it provides significant differences to previous platforms.

Bernafon Alpha and Alpha XT: Hybrid Technology - Rebecca Wood

  • Understand the role of the Ethics Officer and the operations of the Ethics Review Committees.

  • Know who to contact about professional and ethical concerns or queries.

  • Have an increased understanding of the complaints handling process for audiologists and audiometrists.

  • Learn the common trends in complaints and requests for information relating to audiologists’ and audiometrists’ hearing services.

  • Know where to access ‘Guidance for Practitioners’ information and topics covered.

  • Know how to make a complaint or support a client to make a complaint.

The Ethics Review Committee and your Business, and Q&A - Clair Hewat


  • Understand the Department of Health and Aged Care's key responsibilities for administration of the Hearing Services Program.

  • Appreciate that the Department is responsible only for ensuring that contracted providers deliver services to clients in accordance with the contract and the legislation.

  • Identify updated Australian Government policies and programs relevant to hearing service providers.

  • Keep abreast of plans for the 2024 Consultations which were announced on 18 December 2023.

  • Understand the HSP website and portal, and claiming operations.

Hearing Services Program Update, and Q&A - Chris Carlile, Gabriela Luksza and Rob Aked

  • Learn how the new Bluetooth® standard will drive the development of new devices that open up new possibilities for hearing access for people with all hearing health levels.

  • Appreciate that supporting products are now coming onto the market.

  • Discover how the new standard works to enable new possibilities for assistive listening in public spaces.

Broadcast Audio, The Next Generation of Assistive Listening in Public Spaces - Chuck Sabin

  • Develop strategies for AI integration in hearing health practice.

  • Communicate to clients the role of AI in modern hearing aids.

  • Explain different ways in which AI can assist both hearing care practitioners and people with hearing loss.

Current AI Research in Audiology and its Application to Small Business - Dr Jorge Mejia PhD

  • Learn about AI evolution in the business context, from basic automation to advanced generative AI, and its relevance to hearing care businesses.

  • Discover how AI can be effectively used for audiology clinical note-taking, generating reports, and enhancing client empowerment

  • Gain insights into the challenges of navigating and implementing AI in a setting with limited technological expertise.

  • Understand how AI can improve clinical practices, enhance client experiences, and provide opportunities for clinicians' self-evaluation and skill enhancement.

Audiology Case Study: Harnessing AI in Your Business - Christo Fourie

  • Consider how the use of AI might be applied in independent audiology businesses.

  • Reflect on whether AI can assist hearing care professionals to help their clients achieve better clinical outcomes.

  • Understand how AI can support small businesses to optimise efficiency.

How AI Can Assist Small Business to Achieve Better Business and Client Outcomes -

Panel Discussion: Dr Brent Edwards, PhD, Dr Cliff Olson, AuD, Christo Fourie and Lizette Fourie


  • List the four different DiSC personality profiles.

  • Define cognitive bias.

  • Identify your DiSC personality profile.

How to Communicate Effectively with Anyone - Dr Cliff Olson, AuD

  • Identify the new features of the Genesis AI Neuro Sound Technology.

  • Describe the way Starkey has enhanced quality, design and durability with Genesis AI technology for all day wear.

  • Discuss enhancements available with new Starkey Pro Fit programming software and the My Starkey mobile App.

Genesis AI - All New Everything - Steven Le

  • Have increased empathy and a better understanding of how hearing care professionals can best work with those with hearing loss to achieve hearing health excellence.

  • Appreciate the leadership role and contributions of independent audiology businesses within the hearing health sector.

  • Recognise the entrepreneurial approach to service delivery made by hearing care professionals within independent audiology practices.

Leadership in Audiology - Sandra Bellekom


  • Understand the importance of ongoing learning, skill enhancement, and personal growth for individuals within small-medium independent audiology businesses.

  • Recognise the role of personal development in driving innovation, adaptability, and overall success in a small business environment.

  • Appreciate that ongoing professional development does not only relate to obtaining continuing professional development points for HSP requirements.

Continual Personal Development in Business - Jacine Greenwood

  • Understand claims made policies, notification obligations, and how they impact indemnity in the event of a claim.

  • Recognise the key differences in professional indemnity policies.

  • House-keep an insurance policy: know how to review its basics, and how indemnity may be impacted if a policy is left unchecked.

  • Interpret various insurance products, their intentions, and know what to look for.

Risk & Insurance: Industry Insight to Mitigate your Exposure - Stacey Tonkin

  • Understand the key drivers of a hearing aid purchase, what their most important drivers are, and recognise what to focus on as an independent business owner.

  • Identify the most important strategies to set your independent clinic apart in the market.

Customer Magnetism:  Unveiling the Secrets of Brand Attraction and Customer Segmentation - Phung La

  • Recognise the importance of independent business owners’ continuous adaptation and expansion within a sector ripe for innovation and growth.

  • Communicate the challenges experienced in the provision of clinical audiology services to clients.

  • Help identify areas of support which can be provided by a small business body in the hearing health sector.

Hearing Industry - Small Business Pulse - Stephen Logan

  • Explain what Best Practices are.

  • List three ways that Best Practice audiology care improves patient outcomes.

  • List the steps to becoming a HearingUp member through HBA.

The ‘HearingUp Network’: The Business Opportunity
for Ind
ependent Small Businesses - Dr Cliff Olson, AuD

  • Create brand differentiation in your business, with confidence that Beltone will not be available in every channel, reducing competition with the chains.

  • Build brand loyalty with your customers.

  • Understand the OneGN Strategy.

The Independent Channel in Australia - Paul Jones



  • Explore the nuances of digital literacy and the challenging assumptions related to age, and recognize its impact on the recommendation and utilization of health apps.

  • Understand the perceived barriers and facilitators to the adoption of apps in audiology practice, and gain actionable insights to overcome challenges.

  • Develop skills to strategically recommend and integrate health apps into audiology services to enhance patient care.

Enhancing Audiology Practice: Navigating the Digital Frontier - Dr Bec Bennett PhD

  • Understand the current hearing aid market by channel and advantages of key players.

  • Know how to maximise your advantage as an independent clinic.

 Navigating Success: Unveiling the Retail Brand Funnel to Maximise
the Success of your Independent Business - Sam Whiteley


  • Realize your day-to-day human resources' responsibilities as an employer.

  • Learn about your obligations under recent changes to the Fair Work Act.

  • Understand the risks that non-compliance with the recently-updated Act can have on small businesses.

2023 HR Compliance Requirements Update and the Risks for your Business - Jade Meredith


  • List the different pricing techniques.

  • Explain why higher pricing influences a patient’s perception of your value.

  • List the 4-step process that leads to higher call conversions.

Why Pricing Matters and Converting All Calls to Appointments - Dr Cliff Olson, AuD

  • Learn the elements and comprehensive benefits for HearingUp Network providers.

  • Realize how commitment to a higher standard of care positively distinguishes small businesses from the rest of the market.

Workshop: The HearingUp Network - Dr Cliff Olson, AuD

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