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Business proficiency and professional skills with Hearing Business Alliance


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CPD Points: 6


Approval No: CPD2425 002, Category 1.1

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CEP Points: 6


Approval No: 2024120


  • Prescribe different hearing solutions to meet the unique needs of different clients.

  • Plan for how AI will affect hearing healthcare services.

  • Describe to clients how hearing loss and hearing aids are related to cognitive health.

Global Audiology Update and Industry Trends - Dr Brent Edwards, PhD

  • Understand the role and contribution of small business providers within the hearing health sector.

  • Appreciate the clinical services sometimes delivered only by independent clinics within local communities.

  • Realize the advocacy Hearing Business Alliance provides to ensure a ‘level playing field’.

  • Learn how prospective HSP changes can impact small businesses and our clients; what HBA Members are asking.

HBA 2024 Update & Consultation re Proposed HSP Changes - Jane MacDonald

  • Understand the Dept. of Health and Aged Care's key responsibilities for administration of the Hearing Services Program.

  • Know that the Dept. is responsible only for ensuring contracted providers deliver clients' services IAW the contract and the legislation.

  • Identify updated Australian Government policies and programs

  • Keep abreast of the 2024 HSP Improvement Consultations.

An Update from the Hearing Services Program - Chris Carlile

  • Understand claims-made policies, notification obligations, and how they impact indemnity in the event of a claim.

  • Recognise the key differences in professional indemnity policies.

  • House-keep an insurance policy: know how to review its basics, and how indemnity may be impacted if a policy is left unchecked.

  • Interpret various insurance products, their intentions, and know what to look for.

Risk & Insurance: Industry Insight to Mitigate your Exposure - Stacey Tonkin

  • Understand the role of the Ethics Officer, the operations of the Ethics Review Committees, and know who to contact.

  • Have a better understanding of the complaints handling process and learn common audiology trends and requests for information

  • Know where to access ‘Guidance for Practitioners’ information and the topics covered.

  • Learn how to make a complaint or support a client to make a complaint.

The Ethics Review Committees and your Business, and Q&A - Clair Hewat

  • Understand what 'Best Practices' audiology care is, and how it improves patient outcomes.

  • Realize how commitment to a higher standard of care positively distinguishes small businesses from the rest of the market.

  • Learn the elements and comprehensive benefits for HearingUp Network providers.

  • Know the steps to become a HearingUp member through HBA.

The ‘HearingUp Network’: the Business Opportunity for Independent Small Businesses - Dr Cliff Olson, AuD

  • Understand technical aspects, functions and applications of gold standard verification tools, and correctly interpret and analyse data.

  • Grasp the critical role of adherence to industry standards and best practices, and assess the return on investment.

  • Ensure accurate and optimal hearing aid settings, and detail their reliability and effectiveness to ensure precise adjustments.

Improving Patient Outcomes with Gold Standard Hearing Aid Verification - Tony McGeough

  • See the importance of independent business owners’ continuous adaptation and expansion in a sector ripe for innovation and growth.

  • Communicate the challenges experienced in the provision of clinical audiology services to clients.

  • Help identify areas of support which a small business body in the hearing health sector can provide.

  • Understand the benefits of the HBA/HearingUp Network partnership.

Hearing Industry Small Business Pulse - Stephen Logan

  • Explore the nuances of digital literacy, the challenging assumptions of age; recognize its impact on recommendations for health apps.

  • Understand the perceived barriers and facilitators to the adoption of apps, and gain actionable insights to overcome challenges.

  • Develop skills to strategically recommend and integrate health apps into audiology services to enhance patient care.

Enhancing Audiology Practice: Navigating the Digital Frontier - Dr Bec Bennett PhD

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