ACAud: 202133 (11 CEP points)
AudA: CPD2021 110 (Category 1.2, 11 CPD points) 
HAASA: CPED2020-2021 (2021-009) (11.25 CPED points)

Presentations were followed by Q&A

Speaker and Presentation:

At the conclusion of the Presentation, delegates understand:

Jane MacDonald

Chief Executive Officer

Hearing Business Alliance

'HBA Actions and Outcomes 2020-21 for Small Business' 

  • The challenges faced by small business providers in the hearing health sector

  • Advocacy and support HBA has provided small businesses during 2020-21

  • Themes of HBA’s submissions to various Government agendas

  • Collaborative work HBA has been involved with in various aspects of the hearing health sector.

Steve Kulmar


'Winning in a COVID World'

  • Changes required to win in the retail environment

  • The changes in consumer behaviour and how they impact your business model

  • Case studies of the impact of changing consumer behavior in other industries.

Dr Craig Latham

Deputy Ombudsman

ASBFEO Office 

'Supporting Small Business'

  • The contribution small businesses make to Australia’s GDP

  • How the ASBFEO supports small business

  • How ASBFEO has supported HBA

  • How COVID impacts small business and ASBFEO’s plans to support small business.

Chris Carlile

Assistant Secretary

HSB, Department of Health

'Current HSP Changes July 2021 Explained' 

  • The changes to the Hearing Services Program, commencing 1 July 2021

  • New requirements for claiming

  • Mechanisms for IT changes associated with new vouchers.

Dr Zena Burgess

HSP Expert Review Panelist

'Hearing Services Program Review Process' 

  • The aim of the Review

  • The Review processes

  • Emerging themes of the Review

  • Date of the final report to Government. 

Dr Tony Coles


Hearing Health Sector Alliance

'Hearing Health Sector Alliance - A Single Voice to Government' 

  • The role of the Hearing Health Sector Alliance (HHSA)

  • Achievements of the HHSA working groups

  • Key Roadmap priorities identified by the HHSA

  • The collegial collaboration of all HHSA members

  • The role HHSA plays in providing a unified voice to Government. 

Stephen Logan

SJL Consulting Pty. Ltd.

'Hearing Market Update 2021' 

  • The manufacturing and retail makeup of the hearing market, and changes over the past two years

  • Market size, growth and current diversity

  • The challenges in the hearing market, and in particular for small businesses

    • the Hearing Services Program changes 

    • continuing retail disruption on the market

  • The challenges and opportunities for small businesses in a 2021 post-Covid market.


Daniel Wright

Thryve Business Mentoring

'Business Survival in Uncertain Markets' 

  • How to recognise the stages of business around change

  • Applying change to business strategy

  • How to focus on business success and factors underpinning growth

  • Important factors in business to maximise Support, Operations, Cashflow, Business Management and Time Management.


Katie Bryan

Propeller Advisory Business and Corporate Advisors

'Understanding the Financial Impact of Change on your Business' 

  • Basic financial documents - Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet - how to read them to improve your business and decision-making

  • The financial impact of change using the basic financial documents, and the impact of a changed operating environment on your business

  • The importance of cashflow and how its changes affect business operation

  • Best practice accounting options for better financial literacy and potential real-time decision-making.


Hunter Leonard

Silver & Wise Pty. Ltd.

'How to Build a More Entrepreneurial Mindset in Small Business' 

  • Resources and tools for 'The 8 Rooms of Business'

  • How to build a more entrepreneurial mindset to adapt to change

  • The core business challenges for all businesses

  • How to adapt to change, from business case studies and examples 

  • The individual business commitment required to achieve the desired changes.