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Level Scales for Advocacy

We advocate for a level playing field, for equity and inclusion

in all issues that govern our independent businesses

HBA Meeting with National Acoustic Laboratories

We met with Dr Brent Edwards and some of the National Acoustic Laboratories' team, Phil Nakad, Pádraig Kitterick, Xiaoyin Shang, and Dr. Jorge Mejia, in Sydney in November 2023.


It was a very productive meeting about the challenges faced by small audiology business providers, and some of the NAL's current projects.

We look forward to hearing more from Brent at our 2024 Seminar on the Gold Coast from 22 to 24 February, 2024.

MDAS visit
Mildura District Aboriginal Services

It was also an honour, as HHSA Chair, to host the Department of Health and Aged Care’s HSP team, Chris Carlile (Assistant Secretary), Gabby Luksza (Director of Hearing Policy and Compliance), and Rob Aked (Director of Hearing Voucher Operations) on their two-day regional visit to Mildura.

During their visits to the Mallee District Aboriginal Services, Mildura Base Public Hospital and Country Hearing Care, the team heard first-hand about local audiology services, including neonatal, paediatric and adult diagnostic audiology, aural rehabilitation, cochlear implants, tinnitus counselling, vestibular rehabilitation, industrial noise surveys and testing, cerumen management and GP and ENT medical services.

This helped them understand the challenges faced by people with hearing or ear health-related issues who live in the rural areas of our country.

Our CEO, Jane MacDonald, has been busy representing Members on various working groups. Some issues include the Self-assessment Tool, Client Co-payment for DVA clients being re-fitted, HSP Cultural Competency Resources, Schedule of Services Items and Fees, Teleaudiology, NAL and AI, the Transport Accident Commission Victoria, and new Employment laws.

See the latest detailed reports at our Members' pages.​

​​​Since we formed HBA in September 2016, we have represented Members in negotiations with, among others, Federal and State governments, a Parliamentary Inquiry, the HSP Review, the ACCC, AGCNCO, ASBFEO, NDIA and various hearing industry organisations and stakeholders. We were also a member of the Roadmap for Hearing Health Committee. Recent representation includes:

* Meetings with the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, and with the HSP Team. * Collaboration with ACAud to advance recognition and inclusion of the work of Audiometrists; to fight for access to HICAPS claims, and insurance claims for clients fitted with hearing devices by Audiometrists. * Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman. * Teleaudiology Guidelines Working Group, especially important as it becomes mainstream, and HSP will include teleaudology. ​* Continued work with ACAud and HAASA, with Private Healthcare Australia regarding rebates for services delivered by Audiometrists. * Parliamentary Friends of Hearing Health & Deafness Working Group to help MPs understand the challenges of hearing loss, and what it's like working as providers. ​* National Competency Standards for Audiologists Working Group. ​* Paediatric Audiology Competency Standards Working Group. * Hearing Healthcare Workforce Audit & Summit Working Group to help Government understand rural challenges. * HSP Business Reference Group providing input ahead of the HSP portal rebuild, and communicating the frustrations and difficulties encountered with current systems. * University of Melbourne Audiology Industry Advisory Committee. ​* University of Melbourne Alumni video to promote career diversity among our profession. * La Trobe University Course Advisory Committee, about employing new graduates and offering student clinical placements.

Hearing Health Sector Alliance logo

In June 2023, Jane was elected Chair of the Hearing Health Sector Alliance (HHSA), a role which provides our Members a unique perspective on the status of our industry.

HHSA is a group of national representatives comprised of four constituencies: consumers, professionals, research, and industry. It advises government on policy and priorities for those more than 140 'Roadmap for Hearing Health' recommendations, to secure Government funding.


HBA is an Executive Member, and one the eight founding members:

Audiology Australia logo
Ausralian College of Audiology logo
Better Hearing Australia logo
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Ear Science Institute Australia logo
Hearing Business Alliance logo
HCIA logo
National Acoustic Laboratories logo

HHSA raised awareness that, by adopting just two of the 22 Independent HSP Review recommendations to increase eligibility, Government could see a $12.30 return in benefits, on average, for each dollar invested in expanding the HSP.

The Department of Health recognises the HHSA as our sector's peak body, which has now grown to 17 organisations: 

Jane and Don MacDonald, HBA and HSP

Early Days

Chris Carlile, Skye Rogers (HSP) and Raelene Johnston (Department of Human Services) flew to Mildura to meet our then-Chair Don MacDonald and Jane.

They discussed the challenges of delivering hearing health services in remote rural areas, and those of small business owners who provide services under HSP and NDIS, and other paediatric, adult diagnostic and rehabilitative work.

In September 2023 Chris and the HSP team travelled to the country again, for two-days.

Jane MacDonald and Hearing Health Sector Alliance group

In October 2019, we met with The Hon. Mark Coulton, MP, The Hon. Trent Zimmerman, MP, and representatives from the (then) Departments of Human Services, Social Services, and Health, and the Hearing Services Program.

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