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Parliament House Canberra
Parliament House Dusk Panorama

See the whole picture in the policy debates affecting our livelihoods, and find business advice and solutions

Why would I join HBA - how does it benefit my business?

"As I would tell everyone who wonders if they should join; my best spent money." Mona Sunde, Principal Audiologist/Owner

HBA Application Form PDF

How do I Join?

After downloading the interactive PDF Application Form above, complete and sign it, and email it to Jane.

Your Privacy

To protect your privacy and security, the Application Form cannot be completed online.

Hearing Business Alliance abides by the Privacy Act 1988, and amendments.


If you have any questions, please contact Jane here, or 'phone her at 0419 524 574.

New Business Owners

We also invite potential new business owners to join as an Affiliate Member before commencing your business. Please contact us for more information.

The Details

Your business is the member.


Each member has one vote, irrespective of your number of sites and employees.

​The annual membership fee is $1,200+GST, and the application fee is $100+GST.

We offer Members a monthly payment option using direct debit. This will enable payment in twelve monthly installments by the direct debit of $120+GST [bank fees may apply].

The Company, our Board and Executive

Hearing Business Alliance Ltd. is a company limited by Guarantee - ABN 60 614 942 326.


If the company is wound up, all members will be liable to contribute to the property of Hearing Business Alliance Ltd. to pay off any debts and liabilities of Hearing Business Alliance Ltd., and to meet the costs and charges, but not more than one dollar ($1.00).


Photo 'Parliament House, Canberra Dusk Panorama'  by J J Harrison, Wikimedia Commons

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