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Where can I get help
Where can I get help

Can HBA membership help my business?

Yes, we focus on all the business aspects of your audiology practice.

"It's easy to feel alone being in small biz."

We advocate and provide business support with guidance on HSP, the marketplace, and discounted assistance for all the other hats you wear as an independent clinic owner. We also meet in Member-only forums, share our frustrations and triumphs, and invite you to join us.


Our collegial Annual Seminars take that up a few notches with expert advice for the challenges of maintaining agile, sustainable businesses. Here are some Members' thoughts:  

  • Being able to ask business, HSP and audiology related questions without feeling inadequate. It can be isolating running your own business when you wear so many hats- HR, Accounting, marketing, parenting, partnering and our clients.”

  • Having board members that is so committed, well informed and easy to approach.”


  • I like that there is a forum of peers to ask questions, brainstorm and collaborate ...”.


Who is Hearing Business Alliance?

The Benefits of being a Member

  • Reduced rates for HBA Seminars, equipment, legal consultation, insurance, coaching, business processes, and IT, marketing and human resources advice.

  • Network with other independent business owners.

  • Advocacy on your behalf.

Discounts - details are on our Members' page

  • Attendance, with your guests and staff, at our Seminars.


  • RevolveIT free IT advice for system and setup.

  • Silver & Wise Hunter Leonard tailored a program to include a wide range of courses, group programs, coaching, and books.

  • VorOtek Micro-Suction Start-Up Package reduced fee.

Business Information

  • CEO newsletter and regular emails.


  • Accurate market intelligence.

  • Members' progress reports, and alerts.

  • Access to archives.


  • Our CEO is Chair of the HHSA.

  • HBA and Audiology Australia MOU

  • A collaborative venue to share concerns with your peers in our Facebook Members' forum, regular Zoom meetings and annual Seminars.



  • You are no longer excluded from policy debates affecting your business operations.

  • Your voice in our submissions, and to the many forums in which we represent you.

  • We don't ask legislators the convenient questions.

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