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Why?  We are not sponsored, and do not ask legislators the convenient questions. You will no longer be excluded from policy debates affecting your business. 

Right now we are helping Members navigate their way through the implementation of the new legislative changes.

Member benefits also include access to:

  •      Accurate market intelligence, and Members' progress reports.   

  •       Reduced audiological equipment costs.

  •      Reduced costs for legal fees - and an initial one-off free consultation.

  •      Free membership of the Gain Hearing Network Buying Group (GHN). *

  •      Reduced fees to attend our seminars, with your guest, and question our Seminar guest speakers.

  •      Seminar presentations on our Members' pages.

  •      Share your concerns and experiences with us and fellow Members.

  •      Add your voice to our submissions and to the many forums where we will represent you.

We have established close working relationships within our industry, and work hard to keep open all those valuable channels of communication on behalf of our Members.

*  GHN membership is voluntary, and if you would like to know more about what it can offer your business, please contact Stephen Logan directly at 0417 344 545 or info@gainhearing.org.  Please note that Hearing Business Alliance has no financial interest in this business relationship, and no commissions will be paid by either organisation as part of the agreement