Can HBA Membership help my business?

Yes. We focus on the business side of your practice.



You can now have a voice in the policy decision-making


All our Board members donate their time to HBA, and work in their small, independent hearing care businesses - we’re audiologists and audiometrists running small businesses, we're not professional lobbyists.

We knew the isolated frustration, cut off from bureaucratic decisions impacting our livelihoods - Who will answer my question? or, if I can't solve this, I will lose everything.

We also know the long history that threatened our businesses - and what lies ahead. We needed to hone in on how government policy impacts small hearing businesses. As with the foundation of most major change, a few of us got together, formed HBA, and determined to give it a try. 


In that rare spare time, we navigated long corridors, tackled complex, tough issues. We still do, and we work with many dedicated people in public service and industry, and nurture strong working relationships to keep valuable channels of communication open.


Ethics, and transparency, is our core. Underpinning that is the support of our Members, our strength in numbers. We still have a lot of work, and we welcome your input. 


Since we wrote this, Covid-19 continues to affect every part of our lives. We now also share all its consequences, and the challenges of maintaining agile, sustainable businesses.




  • Reduced costs for

    • Audiological equipment

    • Legal fees - and an initial free consultation

    • Attendance, with your guest, at our Seminars.

  • Free membership of the Gain Hearing Network Buying Group (GHN) *

  • Regular Members' Zoom meetings

    • a venue where we can share all our concerns and our business challenges.


  • Information that helps your business

    • Our Chief Executive Officer, Jane, is a 'phone call away

    • Accurate market intelligence

    • Help with all the ramifications of the HSP and NDIS changes

    • Members' progress reports

    • The latest reports, and an archive on our website Members' pages.

  • Representation

    • You will no longer be excluded from policy debates affecting your business

    • Your voice in our submissions, and to the many forums in which we represent you

    • Our representation is independent

    • We do not ask legislators the convenient questions.

  •     Networks

    • A venue to share your concerns with us and fellow Members
    • Members’ forum

    • Virtual meetings

    • Question our Seminars’ expert guest speakers.

*  Please note:

  • GHN membership is voluntary.

  • Hearing Business Alliance has no financial interest in this business relationship.

  • No commissions will be paid by either organisation as part of the agreement.

  • If you would like more information, please contact GHN.