Dear HBA Members and all Audiologists, Audiometrists and small Hearing Care business owners,


We are still operational, and also working to provide resources as our personal lives and businesses are untethered by this pandemic.


We hope you and your loved ones are continuing to take good care.

My best wishes,

Jane MacDonald

Chief Executive Officer


HBA is unable to provide any advice regarding Covid restrictions, and all Members should consult their own federal, state/territory directives.

Do you have a Covid-Safe Business Plan?

Some of our Victorian members have had spot checks by Victoria Police to see if they have, and are complying with a Covid-Safe Business Plan.


Permitted work premises must have a completed Covid-Safe Plan to continue their operation in metropolitan Melbourne, and a plan is also advised for regional Victoria.


In response to Members' requests for assistance in writing a plan, this template for a Covid-Safe audiology business plan may be a helpful start.


You will need to adapt this to your own workplace and to your own State/Territory-specific plan.


Please note that this is a sample template only and HBA is not responsible for ensuring that it is specific to your business.  Parts of it may not apply to your business set-up.


This template uses the Victorian DHHS template and mentions who to phone in Victoria to report a positive case in your workplace. If you are located in another State/Territory, you can find the number you need to contact here.

A Guide for PPE in the Private Practice

One recurring topic during our fortnightly Zoom meetings has been the use of Protective Personal Equipment. What is safe? What should clinicians be wearing? Should Admin staff and/or clients be wearing any? You may find this Guide for PPE in the Private Practice useful.

Audiology as Essential Service in Stage 4 Covid Restrictions & Dept Health - 6 August Webinar


Workers Permits Required for all Melbourne Metropolitan area Employees as of Midnight 5 August 2020

As of midnight 5 August, anyone travelling to work in the Melbourne Metropolitan area under Stage 4 restrictions will require a “permitted worker permit”. The fines are significant for your business ($10K) if one of your employees is caught travelling to work without a permit. Further information about what information is required to be included in the permit, and a template, can be found at the Justice Dept website.


Yesterday the professional bodies sent out emails advising that under these stage 4 restrictions Audiology businesses are able to still provide services to clients who had a medical referral. We are working collaboratively to seek clarification from Government about this, but it relates to the definition of ‘Allied Health’ and ‘Community Funding’ under the Victorian list of permitted workplaces and professions. Remember that all HSP clients issued with a voucher prior to 1/10/19 will have required a GP referral to initiate that voucher.  


We will keep you informed as soon as further clarity is provided.


The HBA Board once again would like to send our sincere best wishes to all members impacted, especially those in Melbourne, at this extremely stressful time. We are thinking of you. Please reach out, even if you just wish to talk.



In March, Dan Wright, Business & Leadership Coach at FlowGetic, and a guest speaker at our February Seminar, generously presented a free webinar to HBA members. 


One of the many benefits I took from Dan’s webinar was a reminder that we need to look after ourselves.  He spoke about how important it is to acknowledge and accept the crisis we’re all facing, to connect with those close to us, to have an intention / goal every day and to be the healthiest we can, taking care of our nutrition, exercise, sleep and whatever anti-stress regimen works.


I really needed Dan's reminder. Like you, much of my time is focused on looking after my family, staff, clients, (and also in my case, our HBA Members), keeping an eye on neighbors and friends, and trying to manage a financial plan to secure the economic viability of our business.


We all still face a stressful and taxing time. We're forced to make some really tough decisions.

So take good care of yourself ... so we can take care of others.  And thank you to Dan.

And thank you to Katie Bryan, Director of Propeller Advisory, another of our Seminar guest speakers, who shared some optimism from Albert Einstein:

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."