May 2021 - As we experience another lockdown, thank you to Propellor Advisory for making their Circuit Breaker Support Package available to our Members. 

9 Oct 2020 - Small Business Owners Reminded to Reach Out on World Mental Health Day, 10 October

As small business owners/operators, we understand the stress of running a small business. 2020 has taken this to new extreme levels! We received a media release from Kate Carnell, the Small Business Ombudsman, reminding us all to take time to take check of our own mental health during this time.


Kate's site provided some resources which you may find useful for your business.

Please remember to let me know of any issues you have that may be impacting your business - email me any time.

23 September - 12:30 p.m. - 1.30 p.m. AEST, Jobkeeper 2.0 Update, with Propeller Advisory. 15 September -  Propeller Advisory Business Survival and Adaptation Package.

11 September - Propeller Advisory Weekly Rundown.

26 August  -  Audiology Australia's two-part workshop, Effective Infection Control. Open to those who are not a member of AudA.

19 August  - 12:00PM AEST, Mini Brand Booster Workshop, hosted by Katie Bryan at Propeller Advisory,


13 August  -  Free webinar by Propeller Advisory - Staying Afloat during Covid.

6 August  -  Free webinar - Working from Home - Rituals, Routine and Renewal -  hosted by Katie Bryan at Propeller Advisory, which may be of interest to you, especially if you are working from home.

29 July - "There has never been a tougher time to be in business." Transcript of Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell's National Press Club speech. Addressing the current pressures on small to medium businesses, Kate recommends the resources at the Australian and Small Business Family Enterprise Ombudsman’s “My Business Health.


HBA continues to liaise with the ASBFEO Office on your behalf at this difficult time.

25 June - Free Webinar -  Digital health tools. Audiology Australia, in partnership with the Australian Digital Health Agency is conducting this webinar which covers sharing health information, cyber security, the new Health Provider Identifier–Individual (HPI-I), My Health Record, and Secure Messaging.

Members of Audiology Australia are eligible for 1 CPD Point (Category 1.2).


Non-audiologist business owners, practice managers and administrative personnel are welcome.

​​16-19 June - Audiology Australia’s trans-Tasman virtual conferences regarding business:


Tues. 16 June, 10.00am AEST Part 1  -  Mitigation of Business Financial Ruin During Natural Disasters

Thurs. 18 June, 10.00am AEST Part 2  -  Adding Value to The Practice?

Fri. 19 June, 12.00pm AEST Part 3  -  Finding, Articulating and Amplifying your Value.

9 June - HomeBuilder. Katie Bryan at Propellor Advisory provides information about the $25,000 government grant to encourage new home building, or substantial renovations.



7 May - MasksBetter Hearing Australia (Vic) have put together two helpful resources that may be of support to you and your clients:  Unseen Unheard, this PDF provides basic communication guidance to those wearing masks.

BHA (Vic) is also in the middle of design and production of clear, communication-accessible, reusable masks. These will be available soon. If you are interested in purchasing these, please contact, Jessica Vitkovic, so they can estimate the demand.

7 May  -  Can you help BHA (Vic) make the invisible, visible?


As we have all lived the experience of Covid-19 self-isolation, this is a timely anonymous 5-minute survey by BHA (Vic) to draw attention to the social and emotional impacts on the mental health and well-being of people living with hearing conditions.

All questions and concerns can be directed to Camille,, and BHA (Vic) will happily share the analysed results, as this can help us all have the right conversations.

​​​10 April - Four UK Audiological Professional Bodies, regarding delivering audiology services during the Covid-19 pandemic which you may find helpful.

9 April - Katie Bryan, Propeller Advisory, Business and Corporate Advisors' free webinar on the JobKeeper wage subsidy.

6 April - The Covid-19 Stimulus & Support Measures - What you can Access and How, e-book by Katie Bryan from Propeller Advisory, Business and Corporate Advisors.  This outlines Federal and state-wide initiatives to help you and your business make it through this unprecedented time.

1 April - ENT Recommended Minimum levels of PPE – Information shared by an ENT colleague, re. low-risk aerosol-generating procedures and the use of Protective Personal Equipment when performing aural suction for wax management. You may find this helpful if this is a service your business offers (if you can source PPE!).

1 April - ASOHNS Review of Guidance for PPE for ENT surgeons during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Australian Society for Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.  These papers demonstrate the challenges in guidelines development.

27 March - Leading through Crisis, Dan Wright, FlowGetic Executive and Business Coaching.

26 March - Communicating with hearing care clients to reduce the impact of COVID-19, Hearing Check net by Spinach Effect.

24 March - Employment Issues - Barry.Nilsson Lawyers - a national employment law practice with extensive experience in employment, discrimination and work health and safety - has been a long-term supporter of HBA. They have provided a Frequently Asked Questions form, and generously offer HBA Members a fixed-fee one-hour consultation.

23 March - Meeting rental payments for your clinics - letter template from Hearing Check net by Spinach Effect.

22 March - Essential Services, Australian Chamber of Commerce Guide for Employers.

22 March 2020 - Infection control specific to the hearing care industry - European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals Covid-19 Advice.