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30 July - We would like to hear from you about any suggestions you have for ways HSP could further support your business.

16 July - At this Zoom get together we covered some interesting topics:

  • Registering Your Business as a COVID-Safe Business

  • Members with Clinics on VIC/NSW Borders- restrictions and implications

  • HSP/ Dept. Health Guidelines for PPE

  • Quotes for Free to Client and Top-Up devices

  • Big chain providers - emailing Members’ clinical staff

  • Small Business Ombudsman’s Office update

  • Infection Control Policies

  • Releasing Results to Third Parties

  • HSP Claiming Scenarios

  • HSP Refitting versus Replacement of Devices

  • HSP Private Services Form.

2 July - At HBA's Members' Zoom Get Together on Thursday 2 July we discussed:

  • Fees for DVA-requested audios and reports

  • Insurance Companies covering (or not!) devices fitted by audiometrists

  • HSP relocations

  • HSP private services forms

  • Current verbal consent for HSP forms

  • HSP return vouchers

  • Workcover devices, fittings and fees

  • Telecoil ‘Opt Out’ requirement on HSP quotes

  • Providing quotes to HSP clients.

18 June - At our last Zoom meeting we covered some interesting topics:

  • Consultation re HSP Schedule of Services

  • New HSP contract and duplication of quotes, copies of receipts

  • Transferring reports electronically and securely

  • Business grants

  • NDIS

  • Workcover files

  • HSP Replacement fees

  • HSP Covid-19 claiming concessions.

4 June - Our virtual meeting, at 7 p.m. AEST. We covered:

  • Device Manufacturer Remote Access App

  • HSP Draft Schedule of Services

  • Auditors providing verification of NDIS Providers - costs and content

  • Medicare Team Care Arrangements - referral requirements and claiming under Medicare

  • Use of HBA logo

  • Marketing promotions exploiting Covid-19.

21 May - Here are some topics we discussed at this Get Together:

  • Marketing your services/business - being a Local Hero

  • Hearing Australia's current marketing to private clients

  • HBA's work with the Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO)

  • How to approach your Member of Parliament with concerns about your business in these prevailing conditions.

7 May - Members Zoom Get Together.

23 April  - HBA Members meeting will include guest speaker Katie Bryan from Business and Corporate Advisors Propeller Advisory, who will conduct a Q&A session about the Job Keeper Scheme.

16 April - We discuss a wide range of subjects, business matters, infection control, accounting - even how to get some help with home-schooling next term, so you can continue to work.

9 April - Members Zoom get-together.

1 April - Supporting each other and sharing what we're each doing in response to the Covid-19 restrictions.

26 March Dan Wright, Business & Leadership Coach, FlowGetic.  A free webinar to HBA members. Dan was a speaker at our Seminar last month, and yesterday he was representing the European Mentoring & Coaching Council - Asia Pacific and the Leadership Coaching Community.


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